Mary Perrott Stimson




A public sculpture in Richmond Square, for Richmond Council, now Yarrow Council, Melbourne, Australia.  The background ( in coloured sand and cement) describes the caves in Africa from which early women originated some 120,000 years ago and traversed the world to eventually reach Australia.  The sculpture resembles the early hunters depicted in cave paintings and is intended to give women a place in the first pages of history; striding forth on nomadic adventures with pride and energy.  The markings on the mother represent the wisdom, knowledge and culture that mothers and grandmothers pass down to their daughters in one unbroken stream from the dawn of time.  At their feet are the bronze waves depicting the oceans that mothers and daughters have travelled across to reach Australia.  The sculpture celebrates the courage, strength and creativity of all Australian women from so many different cultures.   The references for these sculptures are the shadow puppets of Indonesia and the Philippines, Indian bas reliefs, and the cave paintings of hunter-gatherers found in the caves of the South of France and different cave sites from around the world.

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