Mary Perrott Stimson




Ariel hung outside the Anarchist bookshop in Angel Alley, Bethnal Green opposite the large window of the Whitechapel Art Gallery cafeteria.  It was removed by persons unknown whilst the artist was in Australia.   Ariel was made first in clay, then plaster and then cast into resin as the artist learned  techniques of casting.  It was made from her home in 19 Whitehorse Lane, Stepney. Stimson progressed from full figure sculpture which she learned at Camberwell Art College, toward flatter artwork until she arrived at bas-relief.  Her aim was to make a simpler and more accessible sculptural art form.

 Stimson was more naturally a draughtsman and had had some success at painting. She exhibited work in The Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy and at the Mall Galleries.  It was the effort of gaining a style of her own that drove her work at this stage.

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