Mary Perrott Stimson



5ft Painted plaster and hessian shown at Coventry Gallery Sydney in 1989 and at The Women’s Gallery Brunswick St. Melbourne in 1992.

 The sketch for this artwork was on show at the artist’s own small gallery in St. Kilda in 1984. Made at Chisholm College in 1988 “Leaving the homeland” is one of a number of artworks by the artist describing the difficulties and joys of emigrating to Australia as a lone English female migrant.   It is also entitled “Moonwalk”.  It describes the moment when the artist decided to go to live in Australia.  In the background is the farm at Newchurch, Romney Marsh, Kent which was owned by her mother-in-law and where she lived and painted the landscape for several years.  It was on one such night when walking back from the Newchurch local public house that the momentous idea for emigration was formed.  The figure is wearing a depiction of the dress that was given to the artist by a market stall owner in East London which she wore all during that summer of decisions.  She wears her beloved “doc martin’s” boots and a cape, symbolic of the spiritual protection for her lonely journey to the other side of the world.


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