Mary Perrott Stimson





“One Man’s Identity” is in bronze.  It was cast in 1988 at Chisholm College, Melbourne and was on show at the Coventry Gallery, Sydney in January 1989. It is represented in the book “New Art Five” edited by Neville Drury.   It also was exhibited at The Women’s Gallery, Brunswick St. Melbourne in1992.  “One Man’s Identity” is based on how everyman has embedded in his psyche many different memories and longings which form him at the deepest level.  In this sculpture we see the dancing beauty as she dances away from him, the regrets which imprison him and the watchful female face that guards over him whilst he himself is the guardian of family life.  In the centre is the plant form (his lungs) that gives him breath.  I used the portrait of Gunnar Sivertsen for this Guardian Figure.

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