Mary Perrott Stimson




"THE RED SOPHIA" 1990-02

Shown at a solo exhibition at The Women’s Gallery, Brunswick St. Melbourne in 1992.  It is a 5 ft. bas-relief in fibre- glass resin and oil paint on board.  The Goddess Sophia has come to the shores of St. Kilda in Melbourne.  

“Sophia” is imbued with the symbols of nature and sits on a bar stool, beside her is a glass of beer. The facial portrait for Sophia is Nichola Williamson, a life- long friend whom the artist uses as a model for many of her artworks.  The tilt of the head is influenced by the Italian Madonna of The Renaissance. Also this work was inspired by the Bernini sculpture of “Diana the Huntress” who turns into a tree form.  The artwork was conceived after an occurrence in St. Kilda when an Aborigine was refused a drink at the bar of a restaurant.  Stimson conjured up the idea of Sophia the Goddess of Wisdom to come to the shores of St. Kilda to counter this intolerance.  This artwork follows on from a sketch on paper made at that time.

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